we want to see lives changed and people saved through evangelism, discipleship, and missions.


At FBC Malakoff, we strive to see lives changed and people saved in the Malakoff community, the surrounding area, and ultimately the world. We believe that lives are changed by an encounter with the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit, and that He will meet us right where we are, even in our sin. (Romans 5:8) We believe that people are saved by grace through faith by the sacrifice of Jesus and Jesus alone, and not by our works or our own righteousness. (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:23) “Lives Changed, People Saved” is our creed because it is what we as Christians should make our lives about. We are all called to this mission, The Great Commission. We are, and will be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing love and compassion to all people regardless of race, religion or circumstance, serving as a light in this community and beyond.


Evangelism, discipleship and missions are effective avenues that we use to spread the good news of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. All three are essential for the growth and maturity of the believer, and in continuing the work of building up the Kingdom of God.


Evangelism is sharing the saving knowledge of the Gospel to the lost. We believe in the importance of evangelism because the Word of God instructs us to go out into the world and share the Gospel message with those who have yet to put their faith in Jesus. How will the lost hear if there is no one willing to go and tell? At FBC Malakoff, we believe evangelism is what brings the Gospel message to homes, schools and workplaces alike. It takes people who are willing to be bold and courageous to be evangelistic to those around them who are lost. We believe in raising up a generation of evangelists who will proclaim Christ and his teachings to anyone around them without shame or hesitation. (Romans 10:13-15, Matthew 28:16-20)


Discipleship is next in order because once a person experiences salvation, they must then be taught what it means to be a Christian, and to live their lives in full submission. We believe that discipleship happens through intentional, meaningful relationships where a more mature believer takes a new believer under their wing and teaches and models their Christian walk to them. Discipleship is critical for accountability, sound doctrine, and maturity in a new believer, and is exactly how Jesus formed his core of disciples, who later started the church movement that we know today. (Luke 6:40)


Missions, whether local or foreign, is taking the gospel message and bringing it to the world through life and service. At FBC Malakoff, we are missionally minded. We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting the spiritual, as well as the physical needs of the lost and less fortunate. We conduct service projects annually, as well as provide disaster relief teams in times of need. We are cheerful givers and support our missions organizations in providing support for foreign missionaries and their families. We go on mission trips around the world as the Spirit leads to spread the love of Jesus and to share the gospel to all those who will hear, meeting physical needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. We heed the call to the mission field, and ask those to pray and seek to serve along side us, as we serve the Lord with gladness! (Romans 10:13-15, Matthew 28:16-20)